— Anonymous: Actually the first time he played Get Back to Hogwarts was in Michigan :)

Did he?  None of my downloads have it listed.

  1. djchika said: *german accent* she poops at parties? is that jennifer? (if youve never seen that video you SHOULD)
  2. fangirluniverse said: yeah he did, ann arbor
  3. angeloswald said: I was going to say this but I didn’t want to rain on your parade. ALSO IT DOESN’T MATTER HE STILL PLAYED IT RIGHT BEFORE CHRIS WENT SO.
  4. portraitofemmy said: Yeah, he dedicated it to all the starkids and said that there wasn’t anywhere but Michigan that would be more appropriate to play it.
  5. wincie said: maebyfunkefresh.tumblr…. Here is a link to the A2 Going Back to Hogwarts :)
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