Will you? - Klaine drabble

Just a quick little Klaine prom proposal drabble:

Blaine isn’t good at the grand gesture. 

He tries, god knows he tries, but they never quite work out the way he plans them.  The Gap Attack resulted in Jeremiah losing his job, and the Warblers being pissed at him for the public embarrassment.  His big song and dance number for his transfer to McKinley, the one he practiced for a whole week and was so proud of, ended in a piano getting set on fire in the courtyard.

His grand gestures don’t work.

But prom is coming up, and it’s the last prom he’ll have with Kurt.  It’s the last chance for a dance with the boy who has his heart forevermore.

Kurt asked him to junior prom last year, and it was quiet and simple, unexpected.  It was perfect - just a boy taking his hand and asking him if he would.  Of course he would.  Even though his heart stopped for a long beat and sweat broke out all across his back at the mere thought of another school dance.

But this is the last one – there won’t be another with Kurt, and Blaine wants, he needs to make it count.  He wants to do something big, something memorable, but in the end he thinks maybe he’s neither of those things.

Blaine thinks about the other big questions he’s asked Kurt:

May I have this dance?
Would you accompany me?

And the question he wants to ask, some day:

Will you marry me?

For Blaine, the biggest questions are the simplest ones.  He doesn’t know how else to do it.  He just asks.  No song, no dance.  Just his heart.

Kurt, will you go to prom with me?

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