There is no fear now

Let go and just be  f r e e 

I will love you unconditionally.

Derek & Stiles - Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop

Derek Hale comes to the same Starbucks every day to read. Stiles goes to the same Starbucks for the cappuccinos, but mostly Derek Hale.


Sterek Week begins Monday, Aug 25th and lasts until the following Sunday, Aug 31st. Each day will have it’s own theme, as outlined below. Be sure to track the #SterekWeek tag to catch all of the fantastic posts! Creators, be sure to tag your posts with #SterekWeek so we can find them!

We will be hosting a Sterek Book sale at the end of the week, starting at midnight EST on Saturday (30th) and end on 11:59pm EST on Sunday (31st). There will also be some random hour-long sales throughout the week! Keep an eye out here or on our Twitter to catch a sale and snag your very own Sterek Book. Each book will be $17 + shipping and a portion of each sale will go to the Ali Forney Center, a safe-house for homeless LGBT teens in New York City. All sales will be tagged with #SterekBook!

Sterek Week Daily Themes:

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I’m gonna ride a carousel at the Zoo. Yep.

"Look at that beard." “I didn’t shave… I live in a cave now… I’ve given up acting… I’ve taken up mining.”